in Canada

Christmas at the Airport

I guess you have wondered if this blog was ever going to see a post. Well, doubters, I have settled in enough to put fingers to keyboard, and, BEHOLD, a post.

Travel was fine as Christmas Day saw us at four airports across two hemispheres. Having spent a few Christmases in the air, I can assure you it is just a regular day. No flutes of champagne. No specialness. It was busy, but not crazy since our flight times meant we avoided most of the craziness. There were plenty of novelty holiday hats donned by the flight attendants. Special mention to the Qantas pilots on the MEL to SYD flight as they emerged from the cockpit at the end of the flight to show off their Christmas hats complete with lights and plaits. Those guys were into it. AirCanada wrecked my Sony headphones as I was using them, and I have lodged a complaint. We’ll see. Walking around the airport on both Christmas and Boxing Day made me think of this song, and lo and behold, I heard it being played.

We arrived in town and have settled in very well after organizing all of the things we needed like a car, car insurance, utilities, and the like. Cafes have been frequented, libraries joined, winter gear purchased, and hotel loyalty points accrued. In some ways life is very much like it was in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Guelph is a university town, and we are very pleased with our situation. Folks have been welcoming.

You may know that in real life I fell into a Sunset BLVD/Gloria Swanson/Patti LuPone obsession vortex back in July. Well, the local library has supplied more material for the addiction with a hefty Swanson biography, and the audiobook of Patti LuPone reading her autobiography. While the fever doesn’t burn, the obsession is being fed. You may be disappointed to know that no new personal obsessions have started.

There is still time.